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French Toast a la Nature's Edge

Fuel Your Adventures At Nature’s Edge

There are two key aspects of a bed and breakfast that come to mind: the beds and the breakfast. You can always count on the B&B you’re staying at with providing you some kind of breakfast in the morning. At Nature’s Edge it’s no different in regards to serving breakfast[…]

The Making of Nature’s Edge

Time to leave the corporate world, Canadians living their dream to build a B&B in Costa Rica Not everyone gets to live their dream. But that’s what is happening to life partners Michelle Simpson and Fabiana Varela, who decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime to build a[…]

Saving Chiquita

We were on one of our daily walks when we noticed a little dog alone in a filthy beat-up doghouse. After observing her for several weeks it was obvious to us that this little dog wasn’t being cared for, we needed to do something.   We decided to speak to the owner[…]

OMG We Live in Costa Rica!

Leaving our “home” was an emotional rollercoaster; saying goodbye to family, friends and leaving familiarity behind takes a toll on you. We prepared ourselves for this day for months and when it came it was surreal! I can’t count how many times we’ve said to ourselves “OMG we’re living in Costa[…]

Finding Bella and Scruffy

Saving as many stray dogs as we can  Stray dogs in Costa Rica don’t seem to be starving, they just need a good home and someone to love them. Michelle and I have spotted a few and can’t wait to get back to pick them up. We want to save as[…]