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French Toast a la Nature's Edge

Fuel Your Adventures At Nature’s Edge

There are two key aspects of a bed and breakfast that come to mind: the beds and the breakfast. You can always count on the B&B you’re staying at with providing you some kind of breakfast in the morning. At Nature’s Edge it’s no different in regards to serving breakfast in the morning, but it is in a much higher category in terms of the quality of your food, and service.

Prepare your senses for a morning feast that will fuel your body with the nutrients needed for the day ahead. Breakfast at Nature’s Edge is a special experience, one that is unrivalled by other bed and breakfasts. It’s Michelle’s personal touches and hospitality that make it unique. She will lovingly prepare a nutritious and delicious breakfast with organic and natural ingredients, and will custom make a breakfast for those that are vegan or gluten free.

Nature’s Edge breakfast menu is extensive, not one day is alike. Some of her mouth watering dishes include; muffins (new flavours every day), home made bread – try it with homemade Peanut Butter, homemade English muffins, Omelettes, Quiches, French toast (using homemade bread), tasty Pancakes with fresh fruit, homemade Applesauce, sweat potato hash browns, the Smoothie of the day, and of course eggs made just the way you like them.

Michelle is always searching for new dishes, I can attest to that; our kitchen has become a cooking laboratory where she experiments with new flavours. Who knew a black bean brownie would be so delicious!

Our guests truly appreciate the effort and the results. There’s never any left overs!

Breakfast of champions.
Homemade pancakes, mint infused fruit salad, gluten free black bean brownies, fresh squeezed OJ and Costa Rican coffee.


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