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The Making of Nature’s Edge

Time to leave the corporate world, Canadians living their dream to build a B&B in Costa Rica

Not everyone gets to live their dream. But that’s what is happening to life partners Michelle Simpson and Fabiana Varela, who decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime to build a B&B in Costa Rica. Both leaving comfortable corporate jobs in Toronto, it was time to get out of the office and live life. Armed with plenty of business smarts and a mutual passion to rediscover life, the decision included many ups and downs; from locating the site and breaking ground, to permit issues, and to the final phase of décor.

Whether it’s solving a construction challenge (and there were a few), rescuing a local critter (several in fact), mastering the art of cooking (always experimenting with new meals), or showcasing guests as they experience Costa Rica for the first time, the result of Michelle and Fabiana’s dream of building Nature’s Edge was and is an eventful (and not always easy) modern day adventure. Here are two people chasing a lifelong dream in a country they barely know!

Meet the Nature’s Edge Family Who Are Living the Dream:

Michelle Simpson – A project manager that knows all there is to know about advertising and promotion, Michelle is the go-getter extraordinaire with a larger-than-life personality. Detail oriented to a fault, Michelle lets nothing slip past her.

Michelle Simpson
Michelle Simpson

Fabiana Varela – A marketing and communications leader by training, with a 14-year tenure at one of Canada’s largest third party logistics providers. She’s Spanish and feisty.

Fabiana Varela
Fabiana Varela

The boutique hotel is now open for business and they can’t wait to welcome guests to the family atmosphere B&B.

Costa Rica is littered with B&B’s but the journey and story of these two is one of a kind. At least that’s what they think. What do you think?  Follow their journey (and dream) on their website, where their blog posts short stories on Costa Rica; what they’ve experienced, and what to expect when traveling to this exotic destination.

It’s a simple life and they plan on sharing it with everyone who visits them!

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  1. Congratulations to both of you for following your dream and vision and making it a reality. Nature’s Edge looks serene and beautiful. We look forward to making it a destination one day in the near future.
    Wishing you much success, happiness and peace.

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