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Saving Chiquita

We were on one of our daily walks when we noticed a little dog alone in a filthy beat-up doghouse. After observing her for several weeks it was obvious to us that this little dog wasn’t being cared for, we needed to do something.   We decided to speak to the owner and offer her money to buy the dog.

As we approached the house the owner stepped outside to greet us. She mentioned that because of her job she didn’t have time to care for her dog – which was obviously an unacceptable response to us. All we wanted was to take this little dog away from this neglect so I made the offer to purchase her dog and she accepted.

We were told her name was Bolita (ball) and she was given that name because she used to be fat – a sad contrast to her current state. As we walked closer we peeked into the doghouse and noticed part of the floor was missing. The poor little dog was tied to a short rope, making her unable to leave her confinement and forced to relieve herself where she slept!

As Bolita stepped out she could barely stand and needed time to adjust her body to walk. It wasn’t until we picked her up when we realized she was all skin and bones and completely emaciated. We immediately rushed her to the Vet where we were told she would have died within weeks. They weighed her in at only 3 kgs (6 lbs). Tests were done and results confirmed she was anemic.

As soon as we got home we bathed her with flea shampoo and gave her some vitamins provided by the Vet. We couldn’t wait to feed her but we needed to do it slowly – our natural reaction would have been to cook her a steak.  After some research we learned about “re-feeding syndrome”;  which refers to a life-threatening shift of electrolytes and fluid that can occur when reintroducing food to any living thing that is malnourished.

Now it was time to rename her; the name Bolita had to go! Chiquita (Tiny) was a perfect fit. Despite the neglect she’s been through she is full of love and is a happy little girl. In just two short days Chiquita has made major progress; we see her slowly coming out of her shell and getting comfortable with her new surroundings.

Michelle and I saved Bella (our first rescue) from being tied to a short rope all her life, but she was not starving, Chiquita however was near death. We were heart broken to see the disregard for Chiquita. We have only seen this kind of animal cruelty on the news or social media, never have we been so close to this type of neglect!

Chiquita's first beach outing with her new family!
Chiquita’s first beach outing with her new family!

It’s a whole new world for Chiquita – gone are the days where she was confined to a little doghouse; she has an entire property to roam and be a dog! She’s learned that the couch makes a comfy bed and the kitchen is where all the treats come from.

The little girl that could barely walk away from her confinement now has a happy skip in her step!



  1. You two are so awesome. Cannot believe anyone could neglect a living thing to such a degree.
    She is adorable. Love and Hugs to both of you and your growing menagerie.
    Looking forward to meeting everyone. Mom

  2. I just love the fact Michelle that you have achieved your dream honey. I can’t wait to come and stay at your B&B, to meet Fabiana, and your menagerie!!! Sooooo happy for you and loved reading your posts.


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